XTAL 3 Enterprise XR Headset Announced at CES 2022

Updated: Jun 24

The XTAL 3 is the latest and greatest in the realm of enterprise VR and XR headsets. VRgineers, the company behind the XTAL 3, revealed the headset at CES 2022. The headset is developed in collaboration with Air Force pilots, in order to create the first-ever headset designed for flight simulation and training.

The headset itself brings some pretty impressive specs, with dual 4K displays, alongside dual 4K mixed reality cameras. It also sports a 180 degree horizontal FOV and a 90 degree FOV, which is currently the largest FOV available in any VR or XR headset. The headset also comes with integrated eye tracking, which gathers data on where the user is looking, and enables dynamic foveated rendering and automatic IPD adjustment.

The lenses are proprietary, and non-fresnel, and apparently work alongside warping algorithms to prevent any sort of screen distortion. Additional corrective lens inserts allow those with glasses to operate the headset without needing an additional glasses spacer.

The headset itself is designed for comfort, and is 30% lighter than the previous XTAL headset. The weight of the headset depends on the version of the headset. The XR headset is heavier than the VR headset, due to the front-facing cameras.

While other headsets might also cater to hardcore VR enthusiasts, the XTAL 3 is clearly exclusively for enterprise use. The VR headset is up for preorders at $8,900, and the XR headset is $11,500. A full flight simulation kit including a hydraulic chair, joystick, monitor, and PC will also be sold for $30,000.

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