Sony Reveals First Look of the PS VR 2

Updated: Jun 24

The PlayStation VR2 headset has been officially revealed via a blog post on the PlayStation website. Although the headset was formally announced back in January at CES 2022, this is the first set of images that have been released of the new HMD.

The new images of the headset show off its pretty simplistic design, which PlayStation’s Senior Vice President of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino says mirrors the design of the PlayStation 5 itself.

The article also details a few new changes from the original PS VR, including a smaller and lighter form factor. Other changes include a new ventilation system, designed to provide more airflow and prevent lens fogging, and a dial to adjust IPD.

The PS VR2 Sense controllers also are slightly changed from the original prototype, with a new white-on-black color scheme, instead of the fully black color scheme of the original. The Sense controllers look fantastic, and hopefully the ring around the controllers that enable inside-out tracking also act as the wrist strap. Regardless, these look like a sizable upgrade over the original PlayStation Move controllers.

For more information about the PlayStation VR2, check out our article detailing the initial reveal and specifications.


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