BMW and Sony Bring New Electric Vehicles to CES 2022

Updated: Jan 19

Most of the big takeaways from CES 2022 are computer related. Monitors, parts, and VR headsets have a pretty big focus at CES, but one would be remiss to overlook some of the new technology being introduced to vehicles at CES this year. BMW and Sony both brought new vehicles to CES 2022, and both are interesting for different reasons.

Sony introduced the Vision-S 02, an electric vehicle built to compete with – and look like – Tesla EVs. The Vision-S 02 features a front-panel panoramic display, as well as individual displays for the rear seats, along with 3D audio for a more in-depth entertainment experience. These will also be compatible with PlayStation consoles via remote play. The vehicle also features safety sensors all the way around the vehicle, which they eventually intend to use for a remote driving feature. Many of the Vision-S 02’s features still seem to be up in the air, but the concept is promising so far.

Sony launched a new division alongside the Vision-S 02 called Sony Mobility, which will lead Sony’s charge into the electric vehicle market. While the Vision-S 02 seems like a concept vehicle so far, Sony’s commitment to exploring the automotive market is very real, and will hopefully show more about the Vision-S in the future.

BMW brought their iX Flow to CES 2022, a concept car meant to illustrate BMW’s new color-changing technology. Incredibly, using E Ink technology similar to portable ebook readers, the BMW iX Flow can completely change its color with the push of a button. This degree of customizability ranges from just the car body, to individual spokes on the wheels. It really does look incredible, and has to be seen to be believed, but this technology could absolutely revolutionize the automotive industry.

Imagine being able to drive a different color car to work every day, or customize the fine details on your car’s paint job. This technology would also make the iX Flow the world’s greatest getaway car. The iX Flow was only shown off with black and white, but BMW says this technology will be able to use more than just black and white hues in the future.

Unfortunately, given that these are concept cars, no specs have been given as to what we might expect to see as far as range, charge time, or anything else in that vein. Hopefully Sony and BMW will give us an idea of what their cars will look and perform like when they’re ready for the consumer market, but until then all we can do is speculate.