bHaptics Unveils Consumer-Ready Wearable Haptics at CES 2022

Updated: Jun 24

Virtual Reality gaming currently offers the most immersive experience in video games. With the new TactGloves from bHaptics, that experience could become even more immersive. bHaptics, known for other haptic products like the TactSuit, have revealed and are demoing the TactGloves at CES 2022. bHaptics is bringing the sense of touch to your hands while in VR, letting you use your hands as a controller while feeling everything you interact with.

The TactGloves have already garnered a widespread fanbase, and bHaptics are working with developers to implement support on games like Unplugged and Sniper Elite VR. Unplugged is one of the games bHaptics is using to showcase the product at CES 2022, along with Hand Physics Lab, giving users the opportunity to pet a cat in virtual reality.

Alongside the TactGloves, bHaptics other main product is the TactSuit, a vest completely covered in motors for a realistic haptics experience across the user’s entire torso. The list of compatible games for the TactSuit is already pretty impressive, boasting support with Half Life: Alyx, Blade and Sorcery, Pavlov VR, and many other popular VR games. bHaptics being able to garner this support with mainstream games is promising for the TactGloves, and hopefully developers will implement support for the TactGloves before or at their release.

The TactGloves will be $299, and developer kits will be available starting Q2 2022. Consumers will be able to go hands-on starting in Q4 of 2022.

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