Best New Monitors at CES 2022

2022 is shaping up to be a great year for monitors. Now that newer video cards have surpassed current monitor tech, the ball is in monitor manufacturers’ court to bring new, innovative monitors that can match the level of power that current PCs and game consoles can bring. 8K resolution, Mini-LED, and new form factors are all on the horizon, and 2022 seems to be the year when those new technologies will hit consumer desktops. CES 2022 was an exciting look into new monitor technology, so whether coming soon or indefinitely, here are the best new monitors we saw at CES 2022.

LG DualUp

The DualUp is LG’s new monitor with a completely new aspect ratio - 16:18. This productivity focused monitor is designed to perform like two 16:9 monitors stacked on top of each other. The resolution is 2560 x 2880, so it is essentially two 2K monitors stacked vertically. The monitor is 21.5 inches across, which saves a lot of space for people looking for dual monitor setups. The monitors being stacked vertically rather than set up horizontally also reduces the head movement needed to look from one screen to another. It may not be a gaming powerhouse but it should be a game changer for workstations nonetheless.

Samsung QN900B 8K

Samsung brought their A game to CES 2022, with a host of displays that all feel really game changing in different ways. The first of these is the QN900B 8K, which is a TV, not a monitor. This TV features extremely thin bezels, which Samsung calls their “infinity screen” design. It is also a QLED TV, allowing for a brighter and more diverse color spectrum. The real draw here is that it is an 8K TV with variable refresh rate, meaning it can work with gaming PCs or consoles to output high resolutions without screen tearing or frame drops.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

Gaming PC enthusiasts should be really enthusiastic about Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G8. This curved Mini-LED monitor is the first to have 4K resolution at 240 Hz. In addition to this, the Neo G8 doesn’t even need to sacrifice response time in favor of the visual quality in smoothness, as the response time is less than 1ms. This is perfect for hardcore gamers or esports competitors who want the best looking and smoothest hardware, but need speed and responsiveness. The Neo G8 also looks like it will launch for cheaper than its competitors, at roughly $1,800-2,000.


The TCL C50T is one of the most overlooked monitors that was at CES 2022. That’s probably because it’s still clearly in development, but the technology showcased in the C50T is just too cool to overlook. This 32-inch, 8K monitor, has a stereoscopic display which displays 3D visuals without the need for glasses, albeit at a specific viewing angle. This 3D display is paired with a camera that supports hand and eye tracking. The end result is a 3D display that uses touch-free controls to interact with objects on the screen. This technology may not be totally ready for shipping, but it is incredibly promising, especially